I'm a simple farmgirl born and raised in a small town at the tip of the African continent, now living in Wisconsin, USA.  You should probably know that English is my second language.  So for the purists among you, cut a girl some slack for fumbling through the English langauge :-)


I'm married to my Karooboer, mom to three, and if I wanted to give in to a society consumed with credentials I could list those, but the only thing that is worth knowing about me is telling you about the God I serve.  He is the only good in me, the only Reason I am here, the Golden Thread that has sustained me through life's hardest moments and greatests joys.


I'm the woman in the Unnamed Tent.  


There is nothing spectacular about my journey.  And yet in the beauty of the mundane I've learned that the hardest obedience is often found in the ordinary.  


The unsung moments of cleaning and doing laundry and changing diapers, teaching kids to ride a bike till my lower back hurts.  The ordinary obedience of getting up and packing another lunch, cheering for another uncoordinated ballet performance, listening to another sibling fight.  


In those unnamed tent moments I learn more about my shortcomings, my selfishness, my hardened heart,  and my desperate need for a Savior than when I show up on Sunday all dressed up.


I can't fake it in these Unnamed Tent moments.  It is here in the messiness and the ordinary moments of life where my God shows up, it is here where I need Him most.  

These shared moments from life inside the Unnamed Tent are for the rest of you desperate to live faithful lives, away from the flashy moments in public.


This is for you.  


This is to remind you that He knows your name, He sees you there at 3am comforting a feverish toddler, He knows your tiredness when you work another double shift to provide for your kids as a single mom, He notices you as you grasp for faith watching a loved one die, He hears your plea for your prodigal to return home. 


To the world you may dwell in an Unnamed Tent, but to Him you are a precious child and He has your name written on the palm of His hand.




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