August 22, 2019

A very wise woman handed me a worn little gift-wrapped matchbox.

I was a brand new Mom. Carli was only a few months old. I knew that little box. I have seen it taped to her wall by her bed for most of my high school and college years. 

“I’m so scared I’m going to mess th...

We were ready. 

I prepped them all the way home from school.  Everyone knew his or her role.  They kept singing the appointed song over and over again as I was silently biting away tears that threatened to overcome me. 

I had no idea how long these precious mom...

August 14, 2017

12 years.

4380 days.

262,800 seconds that felt like never-ending hours.

Hidden shame. Bleeding. Outcast.

She spent almost all her money on doctors and every possible cure thinkable with no result. 

She was still bleeding.

Then He passed through her neck of the woods.

Enough s...

June 17, 2017

I hear it everywhere I go. 

I have used it, written it, searched for it. 

It is in books and in sermons.  It is in small group discussions and studies.  

It is the new buzzword in church lingo. 

I’m talking about the concept of a “Platform.

The dictionary defines “Pla...

December 14, 2016

“Live like you’re loved.

It’s okay to live like you’ve been set free.”

*Lyrics from the song by Hawk Nelson.

I love this picture. 

How many times have I crawled back into the birdcage with its little door wide open?  How many times have I lived like a prisoner of my own fa...

October 10, 2016

"The world needs encouragers.  We have enough critics."  Ann Voskamp

Credit and copyright to Leah German 2016

This statement has haunted me the past few weeks.  Maybe because as a Mama my eyes have been blown open by the harsh world of competition and myriad demands...

March 6, 2016

The page update says that it has been 66 days since I’ve posted something on the blog. 

That is true. 

It’s not because of a lack of material, it is just that sometimes the ground you walk feels sacred and sometimes you are so in the thick of it and the lessons you are l...

January 1, 2016

God didn’t mean a sauna on a cruise ship when He referred to a furnace purifying our faith.  Being pruned to be like Him hurts.

Waiting is often a bigger part of life than that which we are waiting for – therefore it is better to let God shape us while in the waiting ro...

November 27, 2015

Let’s be honest. The church seems to have been getting a bad rap for quite some time.  People looking from the outside in and sometimes even people from the inside seem to be ready to jump on every opportunity to cry foul.  Ready to attack, ready to judge and criticize...

November 19, 2015

What can I say?  It’s taken me over two weeks to sit down to write this post.  Secretly because I was hoping to be on the other side of waiting.  On the other side of not knowing.  But I'm not.  I'm still knee-deep in holding on and clinging to what is not seen ti...

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