October 22, 2015

You have to sneak away sometimes




Sometimes you have to stop the clock and lists of have-tos and be-on-times, and be intentional about creating memories that will last when your last breath falls like a dried-up leaf.



So I picked them up early from school and took them for a picnic with hotdogs and root beer and Minion-like Twinkies and captured the beauty of life through their eyes.  Because sometimes you have to be intentional about searching for beauty when the world throws its ugly face your way.






Sometimes you have to be intentional about who you surround yourself with.  Especially on days when you feel your hope wavering like a ragged flag in the wind.  So I watched them run and climb and play and throw leaves in the sky till the cares of adult life seemed small.





Sometimes you have to be intentional in what you feed your eyes. Especially on days when the Enemy would like to knock the wind out of you by all the things you cannot change.


So I breathed in the yellow and orange and red of Fall till my lungs breathed out His joy.





You have to be intentional about what you place your hope in.

Especially on days when you're at wits' end.





I saw His fingerprints everywhere.  


I was reminded of His promises.  I saw the beauty of creation and remembered that yes, He is in control and that all things are possible even the things that seem impossible in my mind.  I paused for a moment and anchored my soul to the Rock of ages.


You have to be intentional to list your blessings.

Especially when you wake up to a day filled with life-sucking parasites.


So I went to His forest.

And found His blessings.






They were too numerous to count.







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