Live Like You Are Loved*

December 14, 2016

“Live like you’re loved.

It’s okay to live like you’ve been set free.”

*Lyrics from the song by Hawk Nelson.




I love this picture. 


How many times have I crawled back into the birdcage with its little door wide open?  How many times have I lived like a prisoner of my own fallen flesh while the shackles lie beaten broken at my feet?  How many times have I believed the lies that I have to earn my freedom, that I am still trapped?  How many times have I believed others' assumptions that some things can simply never change?


The price He paid was enough to break the chains.

The price He paid was enough to heal the wounds.

The price He paid was enough for me to live like I am free.


Free from a string of man made rules.

Free from condemnation from others, myself, and most importantly Him.

Free to live flat out like a little kid who finds joy in the smallest details of His creation, in living itself.


Free from comparing my life, body, family of origin, job, house, kids, gifts, and unnamed tent living with anyone else’s.


Free to enjoy my Father smiling down on me.


The price the perfect One offered was sufficient.




I see the frenzy of getting ready for Christmas.  I see the pressure in eyes around me to stage the perfect Christmas, to buy the perfect gift, to be the perfect host, to do more, be more, buy more, more, more.  

Do. Do. Do. Do. Be. Be. Be.


I hear His gentle voice whispering.


 “Come away with Me."




Nothing you can buy or sculpt or decorate or carve with your own hands can add to the Perfect Gift that came a couple thousand years ago


And no substitute you can come up with can give you all you need without accepting this Perfect Gift.






It is finished.

Rest. Restore. Revive. Rejoice.

Slow down.

Savor the Savior.



Treasure the gifts you already have. 



Look them in the eye.  Spend time. 

Be present.

Live like you are loved.

Live like you have been set free.







Walk in the grace poured out on you.

Now pour some of that grace out to those around you.

Stop trying to earn approval and validation through doing and trying harder.

You are loved. Nothing you can do can add or subtract from that love.


That is the gift of Christmas.


Don’t lose the Perfect Gift in the whirl that consumerism has driven in hearts and minds. 



Look at the birdcage’s open door.

Spread your wings.

Go on daughter in the unnamed tent, go on and live like you are loved.

Go on, and live like you have been set free.”



Beautiful truths in this song by Hawk Nelson.  







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